Fresh Coconut while sitting in a cafe in Bali (they carved a heart in it for me)

Fresh Coconut while sitting in a cafe in Bali (they carved a heart in it for me)

Hustle with Love. Hustle from the Heart... That's what you do when you can't sleep.

( I cannot sleep at the moment so I figured it would be best to get some energy and manifestation work done for myself because this upcoming week is going to be a game changer. If there is spelling or grammar mistake my apology I have just awoken)

Can't sleep because I am so excited to live and breath. I think about family, friends, and loved ones. I think about traveling to amazing places and meeting incredible people that enrich my way of being and my life. I think about all the abundance and money that comes my way doing what I love to do.

Are you thinking about these things today?

During one of my calls over the weekend, I had a cool conversation that I wanted to share with you all.

A lot of people have a hot or cold feeling toward the word "Hustle" and I am totally okay with that. I use it in my marketing for that exact purpose. It triggers people in a way that I want.

I chatted with a cool guy recently and we dove into the word "hustle" and how the way I "Hustle" is different from the rest.

I am not one of those people who overwork themselves or work so hard that at the end of the day there is nothing left.

I create a living (Hustling) doing what I love. I do not "hustle" to the point of burnout. That feeling sucks and I am not interested in going through that again.

This is why "Purpose" is so important to me, this is why I still coach people one on one. I know the power I have uncovered and honestly... how could you not offer that to a few special people??? It's all about love in the end.

Before I go further, I would also like to add this about myself.

Just because I am not interested in "overworking" myself does not mean that I am afraid of hard work or working hard (whatever that means to you.)

I am not afraid of rolling up my sleeves and putting the work in. Let's face it, there are days where we get to push the gas pedal a little harder than normal. I do not want to paint a false picture that every day is easy and that you do not have to work hard.

Hustle is an opportunity for you to get what you want out of life if you dare to go after it.

Back to the importance of "Purpose" and why you should CARE.

There is a reason why I can be thousands of miles away from my home and family but still in the middle of sleep on a Sunday I can wake up and feel inspired to live, breath, and share my love.

I know how important it is to have depth in the "WHY" of your life. Not only knowing your why or having a deeper sense of purpose has you (me) up writing in one of my rapid growth groups of 2018 (that's you guys), it also gives you and edge.

Do you know the "Edge" that I am talking about?

It's hard to put it into words so let me explain.

You ever meet someone that seems so comfortable with themselves, so sure of who they are, so focused and present it makes you stop and actually think about them?

You see this person and you noticed a twinkle in their eyes and a smile from the heart.

They are not like the rest. They are living life on their terms and are completely in control.

Welcome to the life I have created. Welcome to Self Mastery.

Yes... that is from one thing and one thing only.

It's not money
It's not fame
It's not career
It's not material or novelties
It's not the one-way plane ticket

It is your PURPOSE. It is knowing why you get up each day.

Not to be morbid but heres the deal. We have one shot at this thing called life and it does not last forever.

Each day, each breath is a miracle for YOU. We get to dance and laugh through this journey.

We get to create the Purpose of life.

You probably didn't know it but I'll let you in on a little secret about yourself. Some free advice for the soul. Take it or leave it.

If you are sitting there wondering how to find more purpose don't worry. Since you started thinking on your own and making your own decision you have been shaping and carving out your life.

When you decide to look deeper than the surface of our actions and experiences, we then start to understand what really "matters" to us.

Did your first car excite you because everyone else had one? Or was it more?

See, after we look past the color or trim or model or year or engine of our first car we get to see something even deeper.

You get to look back at what that vehicle did for you. Did it pick up your first date? Did it drive you to your first job? Did it take you back and forth to night school or college?

Over time the vehicle becomes more valuable to you.

It has a higher and deeper meaning.

It has a "Purpose"

Just like this car example, I invite you to look beyond the car and look into the greatest vehicle of your existence...

You. Your body.

I invite you to look back at your life as you would your first car and take inventory of your "purpose."

What about your vehicle (your body and mind) created deep meaning throughout your life?

If you can answer this question then you are off to a good start. The buck doesn't stop there. It takes work and attention to maintain that "edge" talked about above.

You get to choose right now.

I don't care if it's late or early in the day.

Ask yourself why things mean something to you? Why does an experience you had, make you feel a certain way that comes up a lot throughout your life?

Self Mastery is all about understanding those feelings and what it actually means to you. Once you identify and understand a deeper meaning, thats when your life completely changes.

The money comes rushing in
The woman or man of your dreams appears right in front of you
The love for your children and family skyrockets
The people around you gravitate towards you
The things that were once a pain for you is all of a sudden in flow. It feels as though the pressure valve has been released.

You smile deeper than you could have ever dreamed of.

So whats next for you?

What is your next move people?

Do you want to lose sleep over excitement or stress?

You choose.

Today is Sunday. This is your day to live and breath the way YOU want to.

Go after it and don't give yourself an ounce of doubt.

- Sal