The Art of Visualization

Manifesting your thoughts and dreams into reality

The first time I heard about visualization I was honestly very confused. Over a year ago I went on an incredible journey of self-discovery. Some people thought I was going off the deep end and others said I was on a journey seeking the truth. For me, this was a journey to figure out what was important to me in life. The more I dove down the rabbit whole, the more I realized how real all these self-help exercises worked for me.

At first, I had no clue what I was doing when it came to meditation, affirmations, and now the focus of this week’s topic The Art of Visualization.

When you take the time to focus within, magic starts to happen. I call them “Ah Ha” moments or breakthroughs.

I remember sharing with my mom all of these breakthroughs I was having, and she would look at me and say “Sal, I’ve been telling you that your whole life!” (sound familiar?) This blew my mind because she was right. I remember her already knowing some of these breakthroughs or Ah Ha moments I was just now having, but what was intriguing was the WHY now?

I loved all these breakthrough moments I was having, but the question was, why after all of these years did it finally land for me? Why is it now resonating? Was it simply because I wanted it to land? Was it because I chose at that moment to understand the vast complexity of my mind?

These questions raced through my mind and I again, went further down the rabbit whole searching for answers.

Let me go off track for a moment and say that I have conversations with my girlfriend Laura about the “path to enlightenment” or “the journey of seeking the truth.”(I think sometimes I drive her nuts.)

The fact is this; I am not looking to go live on an island for the rest of my life alone just scratching my head looking at the stars (although I have thought about it during some deep thoughts…..)

Part of Self-Discovery or what I now call (and coach) Self-Mastery, is allowing yourself to look in, and not always look outside of yourself. This lets you understand what you like and dislike. This is a beautiful journey for us to surf the current of life. Knowing and understanding yourself creates layers and layers of discovery and freedom in life.

So, here is where I was going with my “off track” statement. I am not on this path to be the next truth seeker (I found myself going deep in the past and realized it was not for me.) I am here to serve and give back to the world. My purpose is what I like to call “win-win.” This is where no one loses, and everyone wins in life.

So, you will notice that some of my writing may get a bit philosophical at times. Don’t worry; my invitation is that you just go with it and embrace the difference. Embrace the different depth of thought, try it on and see if you like it and if not that is totally fine.

Mine all the gold in all of life’s experiences.

Let me get back to the main purpose of this article! J

Again, this week’s focus is on visualization. I am calling it The Art of Visualization because this can be applied in all areas of life, and is different for everyone.

Back to the convo with my mom. I was so interested in why now, things started to click in my head.

At the time, I was doing some pretty rigorous morning routines. There was a lot of Ah Ha moments, but one of the more potent exercises that I was doing was visualizing.

I remember reading about visualizing in books and online social platforms. I understood the concept, but when I went to do the exercise, it took more practice than I had thought.

Think of how we condition muscles in our body. Think of the work it takes to build up the strength for our lungs to run long distances. Think of the work it takes to condition our arms and shoulders to have definition, and for those of you have learned how to play an instrument, think of the practice and the work required.

Well, when re-working the brain, re-training your thoughts, it uses the same principle. The cool part is, that when it comes to mindset work, the brain can have a beautiful butterfly effect on all areas of your life.


“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something. You can do it, as long as you really believe 100%.”

-       Arnold Schwarzenegger


So, when you learn to condition the mind, you then understand with more depth how to condition life around you.

I realized that I was experiencing all of these breakthroughs in my life NOW because I finally chose to open my mind up and do the work internally.

Let’s talk more about what visualization is.

The Art of Visualization is the practice of visually creating thoughts and feelings of anything you want without the help of the tangible world, using only your mind. This is like the opposite of seeing is believing, only because, that saying limits what you see by using only the eyes. We are going beyond the boundaries of “it’s only real if it is right in front of me.” Remember, that nothing in this world was created without it first being born from the miracle of a thought.


What can visualizing do for me?


-       Overcome limiting beliefs

-       Land the ideal client

-       Turn low energy into high energy

-       Increase motivation and ignite the burning desire within

-       Self-love

-       Improved relationships

-       Improved physical and mental health

-       Tackle the fear of approaching people (approach anxiety)

-       Overcome imposter syndrome

-       Achieve greater heights in both personal and business

-       Create new habits for growth

-       Improved impact on the world

The possibilities are endless really.


Here is a challenge for you to do over the next three days.


Pick an area of your life that you would like to change.

Get specific about what it is that you would like to improve, or change.


For the next three day’s you are going to visualize every part of that change within your mind. The focus is to create the most real experience within your mind. Create and visualize all of your senses, the smell, the touch, the sounds, what you are wearing and others are wearing. Get specific and paint this picture as vivid as possible. The more real and specific you make this, the more your brain will create new highways of thoughts. This is how powerful habits are formed.  


The best time for visualization that has worked for me is right before bed and right when I wake up.


Make sure you are in a quiet and relaxed setting. Take a couple of deep breaths, and relax.


I am going to give you an example on how to do this:


Let’s say the goal is that you would like to improve your relationships in life because right now you feel that people don’t really like you. Or maybe you feel that you don’t fit in, or perhaps people are always judging you. The list could go on and on. Let’s start to remove that burden, that belief in your life.


Get into a relaxed state of mind.


Close your eyes and start to imagine that as you are working, your co-workers are smiling. But there not smiling because they just read something funny. They are smiling because of you, they are smiling because of your smile, your presence. The temperature of the room is just the way you like it, not too hot and not too cold. You are excited about your clothes because not only do they fit you perfect, but you love the colors. The green, the red, the grey or black or even the whites. You are feeling so relaxed because everyone around you feels your love for yourself and that strength creates endless smiles for them. You feel a slight soothing breeze from the window that is opened across the way. If you are in a sales job the phone is ringing off the hook with clients one after another, if you are an engineer or a programmer the day just makes since and everything you are doing fits together like a giant puzzle, every new piece you pick up, you know right where it needs to go and all of this is because, this is your day. This is your life and you love it. Your shoes are on point and fresh. People come up to you throughout the day and use the coolness of your shoes to start a conversation with you, even though your shoes are cool they really just want to collaborate with you because they want to feel the impact you create in the world. You are wearing your favorite cologne or perfume. This is a day where you don’t even notice the time clock, you don’t have to count down the hours of the day because time in itself no longer burdens you. You are perfect just the way you are, no one is you in this world therefor who you are and where you are is simple the best. You feel so deeply with who you are in the world and you are proud of your presence. You smile, but not just with your head, you smile from your heart. For the first time in years, you look people in the eyes softly, warmly and give the world love, hope, and comfort.



As you open your eye’s, you feel a new energy, a new light. You have just created a vision with your mind.


The feeling of people judging you and not liking you is now foreign to you because after all you just showed yourself a day where you create a beautiful, profound impact on the world where people love you so much.


You know it is possible because of what you just visualized.


How you show up for anything, is how you show up for everything.


You are the master of your thoughts; you are the captain of your life. Point the ship to where you choose and sail on into the universe of endless possibilities.


Visualization is so incredibly powerful. Think of doing it with anything in life.


This is why this week’s focus means a lot to me. Visualization changed my life.


Thank you all so much for reading. Have a beautiful and tremendous day!