I had a very weird past two weeks...

As some of you may know I have been doing some pretty crazy things. 

Turning my life upside down is probably an understatement. I have officially done the opposite of what my traditional life requested and required of me. 

Two months ago I gave my notice to an incredible job that provided me with great work hours, amazing benefits, and yeah... great pay. This was a corporate job and yah, I am not a corporate guy, nor am I someone who settles in a job just because the pay or the benefits are great. 

I am a dreamer, a lover, a fighter.

Life, is not a corporate job for me; it never was supposed to be.

which leads me to this blog post.

Passion, desire, intention, conviction.

All the words above are powerful. In today's world, business guru's, thought leaders, and visionaries rant about knowing your specific purpose. 

Who are you? What are you here for? Why are you here? 

Although I would love to write this post on finding your purpose, ill save that for another time (that's what my coaching is for.)

This post is focused on motivation and inspiration with a dash of action.

Over the last two weeks I have been saying goodbye to loved ones, packing all of my things into two suitcases (selling all the rest), changing my address to "the world", falling head over heals in love with the woman of my dreams, leaving my cushy job, going full time with my purpose of life (salmariano.com) and filming/producing a documentary starting in Bali Indonesia.

Life, you could say has been a bit busy. 

Before I left home, I had a fire inside me that could not be put out. Not even a giant fire hose could put this fire out.

It is my intention to acknowledge that ebbs and flows of life or the ups and downs of life are all part of the beautiful journey. 

Don't give up just because you are coming down from your high. You cannot sprint every damn second of your life. There is a time when you need to rest. Or there is time you spend on the downs of life after flying high. Embrace these moments. 

Do not give up on life. 

The depth of our emotion is our connection to life itself. If you are fighting your feelings, then there is an imbalance. If there is an imbalance then there is stress and friction, and at that point something is wrong.

I have spent far too many hours and days on trying to be perfect. Avoiding the downs of my life has caused more emotional exhaustion throughout life.

How you show up for anything is how your show up for everything.

How are you showing up in life?

Are you late for everything? Do you worry constantly? 
Are you tired all the time? Are you sick all the time? Do you work yourself to exhaustion? Do you always argue with people? Is money the problem? Is relationships the problem? Is health the problem?

No matter what the "problem" is, here is the point. YOU create the damn problem because that it how you are showing up in the world.

Like I said earlier, the last two weeks have been busy. I created the "busy" mindset. I created the sickness and the lack of sleep in my life. I author my life. I have the pen, and I create all that I do. How I show up for anything is how I show up for everything.

I am so grateful of this realization. The downs in the life are equally if not more valuable than the ups. Thank you, the universe, God, and the creator for allowing the depth of this feeling of life.

Simply put. 

Do not limit yourself, because if you are, then here is the hard truth. 


love and trust yourself, be true to your heart and live every day like you intend to.

Be you.

Put love first in all that you do, be 100% present in life, surround yourself with those that are in alignment with your goals and dreams.

If lost in translation, here is the message.

Do not fight the flow of your life. Embrace it all. If you get mad and sad, it's okay. If you get happy and excited, then let it flow. Stop putting so much pressure on your life. Remember who you are and why you are here. Time is finite, meaning it has a limit. Don't spend the rest of your life putting too much pressure on yourself. 

Every day is a blessing, and every breath is a miracle. 

Be you.

Until next time.....