Hi, people.

Do you ever have those days where you feel compelled to share about an amazing experience in your life?

Something that has shifted and altered your life for the better?

This is one of those days.

Life is about acknowledgment and giving. 

The end of the year 2015 I was at a very down time in my life. I had a job that I was unhappy with, my weight was not right, my relationships were not flourishing, and I was just miserable. I had hit what most would describe as "rock bottom." I forgot who I was; I forgot how to smile genuinely and forgot to be happy.

I decided, at that moment I was going to make a change. I started investing in myself. I worked countless hours each day, focusing on what it meant to live, what it meant to love, what is a life worth living and why?

It is absolutely amazing what happens in life when you start focusing on things that make you happy. For me it was self-help books, telling my mom and dad I love them, spending more time with family, going to entrepreneur meetups, leaving my corporate job and starting my own life transformation and coaching business, eating healthier, just down right showing up in life.

Then things started shifting like crazy. The whirlwind of happiness and success was racing toward me like a freight train.

I noticed something very interesting. The more I focused on the path of love, the path of my dreams, the more the universe conspired with my dreams.

The intention of one's life is some real freeking power (key word intention). If nothing lands with you in this post, read this one carefully because this, if understood, will be the most powerful lesson I could ever give someone.

Knowing who you truly are, why you are here, what you are here for is the fuel for a life worth living. This is the fuel to achieving the life of your dreams.

So as time pressed on, I created new content, exercises, routines, I coached people. It was amazing.

I felt like I was hitting my limit. It was hard to explain at the time but what I can say is this. 

I felt like I was capable of doing so much more in life, but I was lost in how to do it better, faster.

How could I gain more traction and have an even bigger impact on the world with where I was at?

One day I was at a family event, and I met some of my families friends. My Aunt had told me that her friend is in the same line of work (meaning coaching.)

To be completely honest, a lot of people in my life told me that "I should talk to <person I don't know>." I politely nod my head and thank them for the kind thought. 

This time it was different. I ended up looking up the name of this particular coach to see what was really going on. It is important to know that I was a bit skeptic at the time.

To my surprise, I landed on https://rebeccatdickson.com/

Here is when my life started to change. Here is when I was able to literally (in the words of Becky) "Up Level" which is a more badass way of saying level up.

Becky Dickson is a total rock star. Her and I was born in the same area of the world which made it really cool and nice to talk and relate to her.

Her story, her success, her passion, her experience as a coach completely rocked my world. 

Becky is the perfect mix between the biggest damn heart and the biggest hardass this world has ever seen. These two combinations are a force to be reckoned with.

Many people in the world have a hard time with being authentic. Talk to Becky, that bullshit will be slain in less than a minute. You will find her working all day every day, supporting her community of over 15 thousand women (some special men), being an amazing wife to an incredible husband, raising her beautiful children, running a farm, and I don't know how the hell she does this but I found out that she raises world winning dogs. Yes, WORLD winning dogs.

Everything this woman touches turns to gold. Her mindset on life is magnificent.

She gave me a Skype chat, and I was so nervous. In the Skype chat, she showed compassion, generosity, courage, power, focus and drive. She cut through most of my bullshit within 30 minutes.

I was grateful and empowered. I felt like I got more done that week after that phone call than an entire year of learning. YES! WINNING!

It took about a week for me to work up the courage to private message her and ask her how I could get a coach. What do I do? 

Here I am, a life coach and had no idea on how to hire my own coach. I tried different coaches in the past, but none were a good fit.

The important part about coaches is that they are not just a good fit, but a great fit. In the words of Becky "They are either a Hell yah or a Hell no."

This is gold for the people out there who are looking to hire a coach in life. Make sure that you both have a great relationship. Most coaches will sniff out bullshit and bad vibes in the first 10 seconds and will politely say "no thank you."

Coaching is a beautiful gift and an art of life. The self-investment niche is not something to half ass. Coaches are people who devote their time and energy towards you. They fight for you; they are the ones that call you out on your shit and advise/counsel you on the best decision for you. 

I realized that without working with a coach fighting for me, I would never accel at the rate I was looking for.

I once wrote this;

"Getting permission from someone outside your head releases the burden of self-judgement and allows the passion to flow freely unleashing the creative genius within."

- Sal Mariano

We can only go so far on our own. We were born, we were created to be social and team up in life.

Getting back to the story of;


Becky Dickson

Like I said, it took me about a week to work up the courage to ask her the best way I could start looking for a coach.

To my surprise, she showed interest in me!!!!

I couldn't believe it. I was totally blown away. 

I scraped up all the money I had and just went for it.

Financially, it was one of the craziest things I have ever done given that I had just given my notice to my cushy job and planned on leaving the country to work abroad and film a documentary that will change the world (The burden of time.)

The way I see it is this, you are either all in or you not in. I prayed, I felt my gut, and my gut said "Fucking go for it Sal."

Becky accepted me, and I was enrolled. 

It has been over a month now working with Becky, and I am so grateful for the turnout.

Having someone by your side in the journey of life is worth far beyond an amount of money.

When you hire a great coach, and it is a great match, wonders will happen. What you spent on the coach can be tripled, quadrupled.

She welcomed me with open arms to her community of powerhouse women; I was able to share my authenticity. My authenticity is me standing in my true power.

Becky, you are a true game changer, you are love, you are power, you are the success of your life.

For those of you who are reading this blog post, I ask that you digest this information. Think about it, let it settle.

Think about all the money you spend every year on alcohol, fashion, entertainment.

Think about your dreams and how much you spend on creating them. The action and effort to surfacing them into reality?

Think real hard about life and the investment into yourself.

The greatest investment one can make is simply to themselves.

Where are your money and time going each day?

Becky, between you and I. I love you and support you, I thank you for your support and love.

My path is clear; my intention is profound.

Free private group loaded with content and support

People, if you are ready to breakthrough in life, start looking at someone who will fight for you.

Tip: The money you spend is part of the coaching. It's a commitment to yourself and well being. Don't cheap out on your life.

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