Why use Sal as a coach?




I know that we all want money, fame, the great body, the sexy partner…. I get it.

After all that what is next? Is that what life is all about? That is completely up to you to figure out. I want you and everyone to know this very important word.




Does all the above things give you enormous amounts of love?


Do you love yourself? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and smile every damn day?


Does your employees love working for you, or do they put their head down when you walk by?


Does your wife or husband avoid you at all costs? Do you avoid them? How are the conversations every day? When was the last time you watched the sun set with your partner?


When was the last time you took your children out? To watch them grow and teach them, show them how to love, how to dream and become anything they want in this world?


Life is to damn short people….


I spent the earlier part of my life struggling to make everyone happy. The cars, the money, the clothes, the clubs…. The list goes on.


All that was so instantly gratifying. Then it was over. Waking up day after day in the rat race of life.


I felt it.  I felt it again. And again. I created a wall around my life, I created a wall so high not even the beautiful child within myself could see the world. I trapped my inner child and passion in a box. I turned my back on the world because of….




Fear of judgement, fear of pain, fear of “not fitting in,” fear of poverty, fear of having my heart broken, fear of becoming ill,




I realized that I spent so much time running away from my dreams, forgetting faith and hope simply because I was afraid.

That was then.


Today I do not accept mediocrity; I do not submit to fear.


Every day I love myself and the world as freely and as naturally as my soul and body can do.


I started to think bigger and bigger. I started to realize that life is short and that each day is a miracle. Each breath in life is a miracle.


I started to think about legacy and the butterfly effect of my existence. Who am I? Why am I here?


I came to the realization that I am here to serve the world with love. My passion and excitement in life once suppressed my ability to shine. I hid the passion and excitement because I was afraid “I was too much” for people.


It dawned on me that when any being in this universe suppresses who they are, things happen, things change. This is not how nature intended us to be. Closed off is un natural.


Being un natural creates negative energy.


This is where hate, glutton, anger, lies, cheating starts to surface. This is what counters the imbalance of our existence.


Do you feel this way?




Being out of balance with yourself will strip you from the given right of freedom.


Remember those days where everything was “just right?” The weather was perfect, the nice cool breeze on a hot day, your normal work seemed just on point and flowing. Your wife or husband were smiling all day waiting to hold you in their arms?


These special days do not have to be few and far between anymore.


So how about this. What if I told you this?


You can have everything I mentioned at the beginning of this write up in your natural state.


This is why I coach, love, give, and support people in their lives.

I have created some fun exercises to strengthen the body, mind, and soul.


Life is one giant amazing journey of endless possibilities.


This is NOT an overnight success, or a get rich quick scheme. Nature does not like something for nothing….


If you are interested in learning one of these exercises to improve your life, please put your information in the one of the sign up’s on this page or click the link.


Cheers to you, cheers to your health, cheers to your love for this world, cheers to the love for yourself.