no fear

Has any of you ever heard of Positive Affirmations?

Read below for a wonderful exercise to start releasing those built up fears

Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Write a list of all of your perceived short-comings

This list of negative qualities may include criticisms you have heard from employers, friends, or family.


Step 2: Find the common theme

Discover which themes reoccur in your list of perceived shortcomings and negative qualities.


Step 3: Ask yourself, “is it useful to dwell on these negative qualities?”


Step 4: Write a useful alternative to the negative theme

For example, if your major theme is that you’re incompetent and not good enough, your alternative statement would be, “I am capable and effective!”


Step 5: Recite your useful alternative statement regularly

Start by reciting this out loud during your morning routine. If you feel comfortable, you may even recite it out loud in the mirror after brushing your teeth in the morning. 


Another alternative is to integrate your affirmations with your journaling. Simply write out the affirmation after your day’s journal entry. You can write it as many times as you wish. The key is that you feel the positive emotions that comes with the affirmation. Simply stating affirmations for the sake of stating them is not enough.

 The purpose of affirmations is to train your brain to focus on useful thoughts and emotions, allowing you to grow the type of mindset that propels success. 

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