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Got big dreams and no plan to achieve them? Exhausted, overwhelmed and over-wrought trying to please others? Tired of living for everyone but you?

 your life right now is a result of the thoughts you have and the actions you take each day – what you do and don’t do. If you are constantly doing what you hate to make everyone else happy, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you’re miserable. Yet, too often, it is.

 I am Sal Mariano and I help people just like you stop doing that crap, let go of the habits of beating on yourself, trying to be perfect and people-pleasing. Together, we figure out what you really want, how you want to feel and how you can have all of it. It begins with new habits, Self-Mastery, listening to your gut. And leaving the rest behind.

 for years, I lived behind a mask, working a corporate gig, acting like a tough guy, ignoring who I knew I was on the inside and what I knew I was meant to become. (i’m actually one of the most intuitive and empathetic men you’ll ever meet, destined to be self-employed and help others become themselves.)

 I want that for you. I want you to feel the freedom of letting go of the fear of judgement, the notion that you have to be someone you aren’t in order to be loved and accepted. I want you to understand as the core level what it means to live only for you and your desires and be infinitely supported just as you are. With me at your side, freedom and love will become habitual.



Hi, I'm Sal.

Life is just too short and too incredible to not be living the way you want to. I spent most of my life playing by everyone else's rules. Mom and Dad always told me that I could be anything I wanted, do anything I dreamed of. Back then it was really cool to feel like I could do anything. After my early twenties I began to wonder why. Why am I not the athlete that I thought I was going to be? Why haven't I started the business of my dreams? Why am I afraid to love and be loved? These are just a few, but a lot of "Why's" came up. I started to realize that doing what everyone else tells you to do and never doing anything for yourself is a trap. I decided to look internally instead of always looking out, I started learning why seeing people with nice things made me jealous, and why I liked nice clothes that fit me properly. I started to understand what I liked about people, what I liked and then loved about myself. I started to realize that the only person that can limit you, that can stop you from achieving a life of happiness and success is yourself. This did not happen over night but I'll give you the short.

I quit the job

Sold all my belongings

Started the business of my dreams with the intention to create a positive global impact in the world

Found love (met the girl of my dreams)

Packed two suite cases(only what I needed)

Bought a plane ticket to go across the world

Living and working the location independent life of my dreams



Trailblazer of Positivity

Self-Mastery Coach

I have the knowledge and expertise to break you through and take control of your life. You can create the life of your dreams.

I Dare you.

"Getting permission from someone outside your head releases the burden of self-judgement and allows the passion to flow freely unleashing the creative genius within"

- Sal Mariano


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Ready for true self-mastery? Control of who you are, how you feel and what you think? This is for you. No more excuses, apologies or doing things you don't want just to make others happy.

Goodbye bad relationships, shit jobs, struggle and misery.

Here's where you create momentum.


For self-directed, highly-motivated men or women who know they need guidance to get on track. This program gives you the tools and steps. You take them with you and fly.


This is an intense week-long experience to give you the final push. You know what you want and how to get it, but something is holding you back. Here's where we demolish it.