For The First Time, Serial Entrepreneur Peter Voogd Shares The Breakthrough Productivity Secrets That Launched His 8 – Figure Empire Before Age 28

For the first time, 

"The secret to happiness is freedom

and the secret to freedom is courage"- Thucydides

Hello there and welcome to The Masterful Life 60-Day Self Discovery to Freedom ...It is by no coincidence that you have found this program. And we are so excited that you chose courage and decided to say ‘HELL YES!’ to your life and take powerful action steps to designing the life you have always wanted.


Wherever you are at in your life at this very moment is exactly where you need to be.


So breathe…


We know that over the last few years of your life you have done a tremendous amount of work around self development.

  • Yes, you realize that investing in yourself is important

  • Yes, you know about consistency and action

  • Yes, you have become successful in business

  • And.. You have even hit your financial goals


Something is still missing

  • You wake up each day feeling empty and question your worthiness.

  • You find yourself in the hampster wheel of doubt, similar to where you were when you first started your journey.



Yes you have made progress and are taking action hitting your "goals", but now you are seeking something deeper.


You think that if you…

Just had the right ‘loving’ relationship it would solve all the problems and everything would be ‘okay’.

The truth is simple...
This will be a quick fix, of course you can always fall in and out of love having a number of different relationships throughout your life...


BUT...Here is the problem, nothing will change and you will drive yourself insane!!! As Einstein reminds us that ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results’

‘Demonstrate love by giving it unconditionally to yourself. And as you do, you will attract others into your life that love you without conditions’- Unknown

The relationship you were always looking for is staring right back at you in the mirror.

Yes, this is the truth!


If you take a hard look at yourself and do the work, the question that keeps you up at night, ‘am I good enough?’ will no longer exist in your vocabulary.

If you are sitting there wondering what the next move is...

Don't worry!

Here is the key to finding love and it doesn’t have to be in the form of ‘the next relationship’.

Welcome to the Be, Do, Have Method where a life of Freedom, Love, and Peace is just scratching the surface.

Still not convinced?

Here's what’s happening to you. You think that if you just wait and do the ‘right’ thing, be the ‘right’ person, practice an honest and fair life then the person of your dreams will magically appear and everything will be ‘Just right’.

Sorry to break it to you but that's not how it works.



Here’s what you really want...


  • You want a resistance free life

  • You want to feel good in your skin

  • You want unconditional love and trust

  • You want a clear and powerful vision for the future

  • You want to feel safe just as you are

  • You  want to be unapologetically you

  • You want to be happy


The way you create a life of love and freedom is by clearly understanding


It’s time for you to put back the ‘being’ in ‘Human Being’

You get to discover once and for all how powerful you truly are.

What does this look like to you?

Well I am sure by now you know that the best version of yourself is on the other side of what you fear.


But here are a few examples:

  • Radically shift your limiting beliefs around what you are capable of

  • Grow your confidence and self worth

  • Design a life that you are excited about

  • Live in a state of purpose and flow

  • Shift into a state of receiving abundance, relationships and opportunities with ease

  • Attract authentic and life long connections

Here is what it’s all about...


Weekly Modules:

Module 1 BE (4 weeks)

Discovery (2 weeks)

  • Week 1 - Who am I?

    • Limiting beliefs

    • Survival Patterns

    • Fears

  • Week 2- Who am I in relation to the world?

    • My relationships and what they reflect back to me

    • Feedback

    • Relationship with fear and how has it interfered with my relationships with others

Intention (2 weeks)Reflection - your mirror and who you be?

  • Week 3 - The new Me

    • Core Values  

    • Standards

    • Commitment

  • Week 4 - Clearly define your WHY

    • Wants

    • Needs

    • Non-negotiables


Module 2 DO (2 weeks)

Vision/Inspired Action Exploring what is possible for you. Design your life by building with the new infrastructure (Mission statement, vision statement)


  • Week 5 - Creating the blueprint (vision) of your life

    • Mission Statement

    • Vision Statement

  • Week 6 - Know your plan and take action

    • Accountability and timelines

    • Getting in the trenches taking action from plan


Module 3  HAVE (2 weeks)

Manifesting/Attracting Results. Own the new you by changing your words and creating clear boundaries


  • Week 7- Acknowledgement

    • Boundaries

  • Week 8- Receiving

    • Communication (verbal and non verbal)

    • Own what’s next


Here is what you get…


VIP One on One Coaching

  • Twice a week 1 hour live coaching with Ozzie and Sal (separately)

  • 15 minute end of week check in call with Sal and Ozzie

  • All access via FB messenger (Monday - Friday)

  • Homework and exercises

  • Private Facebook Community




1 weekend half day in person immersive mini retreat with Ozzie and Sal


Total Investment $10K

Friends & Family Promotion (25% OFF)


Subtotal - $7,500

Upfront $3,750

Partial Payment
Month 1 (First Day of Month) $1,875
Month 2 (First Day of Month) $1,875