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Unleash your true potential


Unleash your true potential

Hey, I'm Sal, and I am on a mission.

I dislike Fear (it's the thief in the night.) 

I Love (the three P's)


and People

I Believe that you can turn your dreams into a reality. 

I remember waking up feeling Low Energy, low motivation, and overall Not Happy with my Life. I didn't make a big deal of it because each day I told myself that "tomorrow" will be better and that I am probably just having an "OFF" day.

This went on for months, then years... 

The funny thing was... I had the job, the car, the motorcycle, the house, and a pretty decent social life, but that didn't seem to change anything.

So I needed something to Blame and I chose my job. At the time it made the most sense, I mean cmon... I thought if I got a new job, something with Higher Pay, a new office, and new people, it would fix all my Problems. This was not the case. I soon realized, it wasn't the job, it wasn't the house or the car, it was me.

I decided that I had no more excuses left and it was time for a change.

There is a moment in life where you say "something has got to Give." You wait and wait until something happens, but you soon realize that life keeps passing you by and again, nothing changes.

This is the stage before something significant happens, this is hitting the bottom.

This can happen to anyone really. I find it common with the people who work more than they live. In some weird way they think that if they work more "things will all work out."

Life can be a vicious cycle if you let it, so let's not.

For me, it Started and Ended with Fear. The Fear of waking up one day, looking back and saying "what in the world have I done?"

Welcome to salmariano.com and The Hustle Academy.

My Mission is to Empower Men and Women to break the Fear that enslaves us, and create a life of purpose and passion. 

Everything is Mindset and Habits.

When you spend time developing new habits and a new mindset, your productivity, and your happiness sky rocket.

You get more done in less time.
You wake up with more passion and direction.
You smile much more.
You start truly living life.

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Ignite your passion through coaching with Sal

Ignite your passion through coaching with Sal